timed polarity switch/flip

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    Feb 7, 2012
    I want to flip/swap/switch my positive/negative (polarity) at a timed interval. How the heck do I do that every 3 minutes or so? My power supply is a HY3003DX I have it set to constant current of 10mA. The voltage changes while the currnt is the same. It will start off at 30 volts and end up around 6 volts. Its changing voltage because I have two (one positive and one negative) silver rods (in a coil not touching) in water. This works perfecty but I have to manually change my leads on the wires because the silver falling off will build up on the coil, thus not producing tiny silver particles. I'm asking for help solving X. Where X is the "thing" that changes my polarity. Best regards, and thank your helping me.

    hy3003dx -> X -> silver coil