time trial using microcontroller

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hello guys..

im doing some project to get the time for an object moving from one point to another point...

do anyone here have done similar project as mine??

i use photosensor,microcontroller..but i got problem with both things..
i need some guide...


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Please, we may be electronic wizards, but we can't read your minds over the internet.
Tell us what you are working on. If you keep things secret how can we help you?
As kubeek says, please disclose what problems you are having.

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im sorry guys..

i got a problem with the circuit and programming...
my friend said that i can use arduino as the circuit..
so how can i tell which circuit i can use?...i got some project as reference (http://kitsnspares.com/admin/pdffiles/Ultrasonic Distance Meter.pdf)..but they said i have to alter lil bit..and i got no idea which side i have to change..and also the programming for microcontroller give me headache..i hope this clear u guys. :)


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Your real link: http://kitsnspares.com/admin/pdffiles/Ultrasonic%20Distance%20Meter.pdf

Well, THAT project is for an ultrasonic range finder. It works by chirping TX1 and timing how long a signal comes back to RX1. So all the circuitry into and out of pins 8 & 12 of IC1 has to change.

This isn't a trivial change for someone just starting out. I am not saying you can't get ultimately get there but you should do it in smaller steps that depend on your skill level and interest. If you just want a timer to use for something you should just go out and BUY one.

However, if this project is a springboard for you to enter the world of micro controllers then keep at this! You may wish to jump to the "Embedded Systems and Microcontrollers" forum here and start a new thread about getting started.

You need several resources to work with microcontrollers, they are fairly specific to what manufacturer you choose. Most of the programs you need are free but there is some hardware to purchase such as a working tested development board (strongly recommended as you are a beginner) and a programmer with in circuit debugging capability.

And welcome to the forums!