Time,level and temperature control water heating system using 8051

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    Mar 3, 2013
    First this system checks the water level in the tank/container. If the water is not at the required level, this system will sound an alarm. This alarm will alert the person that the water is not available.

    When the ON signal is given by person the system will not immediately start heating up. This system is built specifically to start the water heating process early in the morning i.e. 3 a.m. No matter what time the person switches ON the system, this heater will only start heating up at 3 a.m. in the morning.

    The water will be pre heated up already to 80-90 degree celsius.
    When the water reaches a temperature of 70 degree celcius the should system Switch OFF (only to be displayed on the LCD) now as the temperature drops to 60 degrees celsius the system should start heating up (again here Switching ON should be displayed only. No direct control for the heating system is needed) and then this cycle should continue for one and half hours then the system will switches off completely and at the end of this time an alarm should alert the person. The switching OFF and ON should only be displayed on the LCD.

    Help will be very much appreciated ^___^
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    So what help do you need? Do you want us to design the system for you?

    You need interface circuits from the digital inputs and outputs of the 8051 to a clock circuit, water level sensor, temperature sensor, keypad, and heater unit. Then you will need to write a program to control the heater based upon the sensor readings and keypad inputs. You will also need an LCD display module that interfaces to the 8051.

    8051 is an old processor and somewhat difficult to use due to its limited I/O capabilities. A more modern device such as one of the PIC units with better I/O (serial port, A/D, etc.) would be much easier to use.
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    People posting like that don't properly understand the correlation between hard labour and archieving a result when working with electronic circuit.