Time Delay Relay? Or Not Needed?

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    Aug 14, 2012

    I have what hopefully is a simple issue.

    I have a board with the following specs.
    Input 10-30VDC (I will be supplying power with a 12VDC Li-Ion battery)

    Discrete Output
    ON Condition (PNP): Supply minus 2V
    OFF Condition (PNP): Less than 2V
    Output State Following Timeout: De-energized(OFF)

    Discrete Output Rating (PNP)
    100mA max current at 30VDC
    ON-State Saturation: Less than 3V at 100mA
    OFF-State Leakage: Less than 10 μA

    I was told by the Engineer, "The board has two sourcing discrete outputs that can supply 100mA at 30VDC, or 3 watts, or 2.4 watts at 24VDC, each output."

    I need to power a pneumatic solenoid that requires 12VDC @ 5 Watts.

    The board is going to be putting out 10VDC with my 12VDC input, if I'm reading the specs correctly, and not nearly 5 watts of power. I was looking into a solenoid or a relay that would "open" power from the Li-Ion battery to the pneumatic solenoid and not fry my board.

    But then I realized that I need to keep the pneumatic solenoid open for 3 seconds at a time before cutting power to it. I'm wondering if there is a relay that could be set to "give" power for 3 seconds, even if the board only powered it for 1 second. By that I mean if the board cuts off the output power to the relay after 1 second, I still need 2 more seconds of power to my pneumatic solenoid.
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    I don't follow all of your post but it sounds like you are looking for a "true off delay timer" or a "pneumatic off delay timer" (those are google keywords)
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