TI CC1110 power modes and KEIL question

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    Jul 30, 2008
    I'm a novice firmware programmer.
    I'm having a strange problem with cc1110F32:
    My program polls on a RX - sleep cycle.On sleep it enters PM2 (power mode 2) .
    For some reason I have a situation where the logic of the program is correct and it works perfect but then I add a line of code - no matter where in the program,which has no logical meaning.
    For example I declare: int k;. Then I burn the program to the chip.It reaches the first sleep period but never comes out of PM2.
    I don't think its a trivial memory problem cause if I add some more code lines (any) say k=0;k=0;k=0;k=0; and burn again it works perfectly again.Add some more - it doesn't exit PM2 and crashes(does not reset!!) .:confused::confused:
    I checked the datasheets and saw that I forgot to put some NOPs to clear the processor before entering and after exiting PM2.
    I'm having a problem adding them cause I need to change the configuration of my KEIL uvision3 compiler to create an SRC file instead of an OBJ file.For some reason doing that causes the program to crash too(this time it exits power mode but stops working a while afterward I still didn't figure out where exactly).
    I have NO IDEA what causes the problem and I've been working on it 10 hours already in total.
    Any Ideas about how to figure this one out and what causes it are welcome.
    Another thing is that if anyone knows a good resource to learn how to figure the meaning of the .M51 file that uVision generates he's welcome to share it.
    Thank you all very much for your time.:)
  2. roig

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    Jul 30, 2008
    The bug I described was caused because of a HARDWARE bug in the CC1110 chip as noted in the ERRATA notes at the TI site.The way to fix it is described in the errata notes.