Ti-83 Ti-84 Mesh Analysis

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    Apr 2, 2011
    For those of us who are not lucky enough to have purchased a ti-89 or ti-86 and need to do AC mesh analysis, this can prove very frustrating. Below is the source code for a program that will do mesh analysis, either 2 variable or 3 variable, using imaginaries. Just click the PRGM key on your calculator, scroll over to NEW and and click Create New. Name the program whatever you like.
    Now you should see a prompt that looks like this

    PROGRAM: "Whatever you named it"

    Now just enter this exactly as you see it. Note that the = sign can be accessed by pressing 2ND - TEST.

    Also all of the functions can be accessed through the PRGM button. It will open up to three tabs. From there you can navigate to find Disp, Lbl, ClrHome, Menu, Prompt, and Goto

    One more note is when I show the arrow -> it means press the button STO>, second button up from ON

    :Menu("NUMBER OF VAR:","2",A,"3",
    :Lbl A
    :Disp "AX+BY=C",
    :prompt A,B,C,D,E,F
    :Disp "X=",X,"Y=",Y
    :Goto C
    :Lbl B
    :Disp "AX+BY+CZ=
    :prompt A,B,C,D,
    :Disp "X=",X,"Y=",U,"Z=",Z
    :Goto C
    :Lbl C

    A problem I had was being able to read the full answers, it would show them like this
    so you couldn't read the whole thing
    the solution is once the program exits just press ALPHA X and press enter and it will show X and ALPHA Y to show Y. Then you can click on them and see the entire answer. If you were to do this with the 3-var you would enter X,Y, and Z afterwards. You get the point.
    Also you can press ALPHA X then press math and go over CPX and then to the bottom >Polar. Press enter and now your answer is in polar form.
    Post any questions or concerns.