Thyristor firing angle in multisim or Pspice

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  1. Nick29

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    Sep 30, 2009

    I am trying to simulate a single phase semi converter in multisim.
    I can't work out what to use as the trigger for the thyristors.

    What do i use as the trigger and also how do you set the firing angle for a thyristor to eg 30° 60°?
    If it is simpler to do it in Pspice i could use that.

  2. fly-boy

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    Nov 13, 2009

    U have to send a pulse signal with a certain pulse width duration in order to activate the thyristor. U can set ur firing angle by delaying the pulse signal so as to match the required angle corresponding to ur source voltage. I guess ur using an ac source n i suppose u know its frequency, u can find its time period, T.

    2pi = T , in case α = 30° = pi/6

    Delay time of pulse signal, DT = T/12

    There you go firing angle set! :)

    Actually im doing the same simulations right now, but im just getting started with pspice n its driving me crazy. Lazy me waited for the end of the semester to complete my simulations and the dead line expired 1 minute ago! I should figure out my way thru pspice during the weekend and discretely slide my report into the lab 1st hour Monday before the professor comes to collect them :p

    For the pulse signal use "VPULSE".
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