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    Apr 22, 2014
    hello guys, i have a problems regarding to complete my project.

    1- is anyone there knows what is suitable components either 2- thyristors(bidirectional circuit) or TRIAC that can used to single phase AC-AC voltage controller with "integral cycle control" circuit.

    2- how can i do a simulation circuit using PSIM with these outputs(using thyristor or TRIAC)
    (1 cycle ON-4 cycle OFF) (2 cycle ON-3 cycle OFF) (3 cycle ON-2 cycle OFF) (4 cycle ON-1 cycle OFF)

    3- what is the frequency for TRIAC? is that we can use with any value of frequency such as 5Hz etc so then i can produce the ouput as no 2 above.

    4- how to control the harmonics distortion in my circuit.

    i hope anyone can helps me to solve my problems. thank you :confused:
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    May 11, 2009
    It looks to me that you lack some fundamental understanding of how these components work. But that we may something with. But it is perhaps better for you to see what Google can come up with. And then ask questions related to your findings on Google.
    To me it looks like you want to create some circuit that switch a triac on at the AC zero crossing point, and hold it on for a number of periodes. Then switch it of for a given number of periodes. But I am not sure. Do you have any preliminary schematics or drawing you can show us. That could help for your problem is not obvious to me at least
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    Apr 22, 2014
    0 is my drawing circuit using PSIM n yes you rights about my fundamentals on this project..i still work on it n now i am more understand about this controller. Btw sir, can you help me solve this problems?

    1- is that the circuit is suitable for using in this project?
    2- i am using 4 switches n 4 gates pulse with different no.of points
    3- i am trying to reduce the sub-harmonics(if possible or the RFI)
    4- i am try to produce the output with 4 different cycles