Three Phase Power Supply

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I have this assessment on three phase power and one of the question ask about how the three phase power supply system is derived for an industrial application. I was wondering if anyone might be able to point me in the right direction?


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I think you mean how is three phase power generated. If this is the case: Three phase power is generated by a generator with three seperate windings which turn about magnets. It follows that the voltage output of each winding is 120 degrees off from the other two by 120 degress. There are two types of generators: delta or wye. The wye configuration has a neutral, but the delta doesn't. If a building is using a very large current draw from the transformer, the loads throughout the building must be balanced (capacitively and inductiviely that is, must equal close to 0/120deg for impedance) between the three phases to keep from damaging step down transformers. That's about all I remember since I havn't had to work with this, but another member has brought up a good thread that goes more into detail about all this: .
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