Three Phase Generator Mechanics

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Are the second set of windings in a two pole three phase generator wound in the opposite direction that the other two windings are wound? I see no other explanation for the third phase negative wave directly following the first phase positive peak. In a two pole single phase generator a magnet passes over the windings in a certain direction and causes current flow in a foward direction. Then, the magnet rotates 180 degrees, passes the windings, in the same direction, causing a reverse current flow. Without changing the direction the magnet rotates, the direction of current flow may be changed by changing the direction the windings are wound, iether clockwise or counterclockwise. Since the magnet has not rotated 180 degrees between the first phase positive wave and the third phase negative in a two pole three phase generator, the second set of windings, are for the third phase and are wound in the opposite direction that the other two windings are wound, correct? If this is true, would the generator in the online text illistration (with all of the windings in the same direction) output three positive waves followed by three negative waves?
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can someone answer the question posted by i'llbe above? Your answers will probably answer mine too since my question would be; how to rewind a three phase stator and how to put back the coils back in the slots. please anyone? Afterall, this is all Tony's fault, I wouldn't have this problem in my job if i did not read his book, because... I wouldn't have this job, because i wouldn't have the guts to apply for it, hehe. Seriously, thank you guys for the book, i now have a better job coz i learned so much. But now i have to deal with a burnt out water pump motor. Help, anyone? Please....????