Three phase Delta Quries

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    Aug 9, 2010
    In a 3 phase delta connection, is it possible to take 1 phase as refernece (Neutral)?. If so that refernce will be the neutral for system for calculate voltage using voltage divider.

    My question is, If i am taking a 1 phase as neutral. Is Any electrical hazards will occur (Shock, when i touch neutral (1 phase) to earth)?

    Please explain
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    Sep 3, 2009

    In Delta configuratiuon one corner of the transformer is grounded (as shown in the attachment). This grounded corner is refered to as the "common" because it is common to the two legs of the delta winding.

    A Delta winding is made up of three windings and the windings are connected in the configuration shown in the attachment. And when voltage is read from one connection point to another it is said to be reading one leg of the Delta winding. Connections AB would be the first leg, BC would be the second leg and CA would be the third and final leg. Voltage from point A to point B is equal to voltage from point B to p[oint C but voltage point C to point A is somewhat higher and is often refered to as the "wild leg".

    Current flows only when two different connections points (A, B or C) points complete a circuit. In this scenerio connection point B is grounded. Touching connection point A to connection point B, or connection point B to connection point C or connection point C to connection point A will result in current flow, touching B to itself or to a "ground" (which is in essents touching it to itself), will not result in current flow.