This will be gone in a few hours:

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  1. marshallf3

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    Jul 26, 2010

    I've beat the heck out of my Lenovo and it has yet to complain. Not what you'd want for gaming but as a notebook/laptop it has a very good battery life and seems to be as tough as nails unlike most that feel so flimsy. I guess once you've been an IBM customer you tend to trust their choice of anything associated with them. I especially like when I once had to call customer support and got a real IBM guy who could talk English better than I can.

    If you're contemplating don't do so for very long, when they put these on sale like this they often sell out in a matter of hours.

    [EDIT:] You're a fool if you don't register and sign up for their e-mail deals, you can often save even more with the promo codes they give you in the e-mails. They're virtually giving away a 32" 1080p LCD TV today as well as a really nice AMD processor I can personally vouch for as running as cool as a cucumber. A 24" 2 ms ASUS LCD monitor for $160 and free shipping? Who's to argue with that?
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  2. maxpower097

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    Feb 20, 2009
    Wow these things are dropping like rocks. Its the 5th real laptop I've seen for $400 in 2 weeks.
  3. tom66

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    May 9, 2009
    Pentium dual-core? In a laptop?? There's a reason they are called Prescott (Preshott) processors. Battery life with a Pentium is awful. 6-cell lithium ion battery should be getting 6+ hours, not 4 hours, on a laptop that size.

    Otherwise, it's not a bad deal.
  4. AresROC

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    Jan 3, 2011
    That's actually a stripped down version of core 2 duo in there. Better than Athlon x2 in my opinion. I should know as that is the exact same chassis, same price I bought my wife's SONY with and ACER @ WalMart for work. (Marketing department, they don't need good stuff). :D Just my 2 cents.
  5. marshallf3

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    Jul 26, 2010
    For the price it's a good deal, but battery life of course depends on what you do with it and how you've got it set up as far as the power saving settings. I can tell mine to sleep in short order and get an easy 6 hours from the battery but they have better ones as does Sony. For a full 16:9 screen what do you expect to get for $400 with free shipping?

    I'm running off a similar model right now but of course it's plugged into the wall wart, separate keyboard, monitor and mouse.