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    Apr 25, 2008
    In an U.P.S.and Fed-X world.

    Plasma Flat screen T.V. for starters.

    Young men on this forum.

    Not all in the same position in education.

    Available quick fix hand written manual $50.00

    Members that are expert solders without doing more damage.

    u-tubes that show how to remove 32 screws.
    Becareful do no harm.

    Leaky filter capacitors seem to be common problem again.

    Save the plasma T.V.s from the trash,plan a head.

    We have 60,000 members,we have few out front guys.

    More could become available.

    If the remote won't turn a T.V. on it may 4 filter Caps.(example)

    Good ditital photo equipment available to point out bad parts.

    Varified bad boards to be repaired.

    Barter system of trade.

    Just thinking out loud, add to my thoughs.

    Moderators your opinions first,this is a beginning conversation.