thin film surface mount resistors

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a question about Mini-systems surface mount resistors:

I wanted to see the temperature reponse of a 50 Ohm thin film resistor. These are surface mount resistors made my Mini-systems. They are rectangular and are very roughly ~1mm(l) x 0.5 mm(w) x 0.5 mm(h). I thought that the resistance would be through a very thin film of metal between the two contact pads, however, the resistance decreases (very slowly) with increasing temperature in the range of 20 °C to 100 °C. It drops roughly 0.3 Ohms in that range. Since metals usually increase their resistance with increasing temperature, I thought it was curious. It's probably a semiconductor thin film, but I'd like to know more details about it such as the general composition of film, the thickness...I asked about this about this but they didn't seem to want to tell me any details. Anybody know any details that they can share?


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hi felix

i believe there's what you call trade secrets if you are referring to manufacturers. I had been wondering also about that. but i have a good idea that there is a transistor involve with NTC.