Thevenin equivalent for circuits with dependent sources

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Good day! I was studying Circuit Theorems when I stumbled upon this circuit that has a dependent current source asking for a Thevenin equivalent. Up until now, I was only familiar with solving circuits with independent sources so this has me having a hard time. I tried using superposition theorem to solve for Vth but my answers don't match with the given answers. Can anyone please help me with this? Here is the pic for the circuit.

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The voltage at the junction of the 3 Ohm, 5 Ohm, and the dependent current source divided by the sum of the 3 Ohm and the 4 Ohm resistors gives you the equation for Ix. You can rearrange this equation to get an expression for Vx in terms of Ix.

You need to then form the expression for Vx using the circuit analysis technique with which you are most confortable. If you need to refresh you circuit analysis knowledge, you can go to the AAC ebook where you will find a solid presentation of most of the DC circuit analysis techniques that are available.

Once you have these two equations you can set them equal to each other and solve for Ix.

Take a stab at it and then post your efforts here. The members will be eager to assist you when they see you are making a genuine effort to work through the solution on your own.

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