Thermoelectric Cooler Controller

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    Feb 23, 2007
    I have a TEC control circuit/pcb that I'm trying to debug and understand. It's not my design but I'm trying to learn what it's doing so I can use it for my own purposes. I've attached the schematic.

    I'm quite confused about a couple of things. I'll start off with 2 questions or observations I noticed:

    1) If I remove the LM5101 driver, the TOUT+ and TOUT- lines both have a small voltage. I kind of expected this to be around 0V. Is the voltage I'm seeing on these lines coming from the bootstrap capacitor or D16/D14? I expect the bootstrap cap at DC to be an open circuit.

    2) When the LM5101 is soldered on, and all 0s are input to the driver (ie. no mosfets on), I am still seeing voltages on TP13 and TP15. This is causing the mosfets to turn on partially and I'm seeing ~10-12V on the TOUT+ and TOUT- lines. I'm wondering why these two FETs are being partially turned on even though I am inputting zeroes into the LM5101. I'm also curious as to why the voltage at TOUT+ is around 1-2V different than TOUT-. I assume the FETs are not turning on equally.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Feb 23, 2007
    I'm also having trouble getting the h bridge to outpout 0 volts. If I try turning both low side MOSFETs on, I don't get 0v. Am I not supposed to turn both low sides on?
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    Aug 23, 2012
    The LM5101 could be damaged, but you still can try it using another way.

    When you remove the LM5101, also release the LOAD, then measure TOUT+ an TOUT-, if these two points still have voltages, then you can discharge the C80(220u/35V), and also discharge another cap probably is C82(220uf/35V) which connected with C81, and then measure TOUT+ an TOUT- again.

    LM5101 : connected the 1,5,6,7 pins, and release the 2,3,4,8 pins, and measure the voltage of 2,3,4,8 pins, you also do the same thing with another LM5101.
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