Thermocouple Circuit

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    Jul 1, 2011
    I am building the circuit for LT1050, datasheet page 9
    I tried the exact circuit (Excpt the C .068 uF, I put as .01uF), while ThermoCouple Type K is not under any heating, but I got the output signal at LT1050-pin6 as 2.7v, I was expecting getting like .3 v as only room tempreture degree. according to my understanding 2.7 V means 270 C.

    Type KCoofecient 0.0000406
    Rf (Ohm) 255000
    Ri (Ohm) 1000
    Gain 255
    Vout 0.0010759

    My analysis for Circuit is according to Datasheet, but not matched with my trial. Appreciate your help please.

    Hytham Soliman
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