Thermal resistance calculations for Mosfet Help

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    Jul 3, 2010
    I am trying to make sure I understand the thermal characteristics on the data sheet of a mosfet.
    I am planning on using a D-Pak P channel Mosfet (IRLR9343PbF) as a switch, using the part as it is available (used on a previous design)

    Link to part Pdf on IR website:

    The data sheet indicates Pd @ Tc 100C = 39W.

    The power generated when the switch is on should be 4.25W

    If the part is mounted on a PCB with no heat sink should I use the PCB Mounted JA thermal resistance to calculate the Junction temperature?

    Tj = Ta + Pd*Rja
    Tj = 272.5C =60C + 4.25*50C/W
    272.5C is a lot higher than the maximum junction temperature.

    Will the Mosfet need a heat sink (I am assuming it will)?
    Would it be possible to get away with a large metal area on the PCB and are there any formulas for this?
    If I use a heat sink how do I use the Rjc on the datasheet?
    Why is the Pd stated for Tc not Ta (I was assumed it was Ta until I started looking at the thermal resistance values), Pd at Ta I think is more relevant.

    I have never really done any thermal calculations for a design (always been well with the Pd of the device); please correct me if I am missing anything obvious.

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