Thermal Overheat Protection for Batteries

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    Jun 20, 2011
    Starting new thread for thermal overheat protection to differentiate between overvoltage protection (see othe thread).
    RE: Battery Overheat cutoff protection: We have been advised to use ic's etc by good person, but its too many parts for our needs (wanting simple, cheap, few parts, and reliable). We could do it using a logic chip which can check for minor differences in resistance in thermistors, but thats too expensive and also vulnerable to surges etc.
    Found out that "BiMetal" fuse/breakers may do the job and are already used in batteries, but still researching that avenue.
    So we are putting out the call to all good experts who can post a simple circuit with just a few parts to cutoff the juice (open the battery charging wire to from the charger, in this case, to an individual battery, so that when charging many batteries in parallel, that the other batteries keep charging. )
    Perhaps something like a bimetal element/sensor/breaker that can be reset either automatically or with manual button, would do the trick; it has to cut off when temp reaches 110- 120 approximately (maybe higher but 180 is too high). It may, if too low of wattage or amps, have to drive a relay on/off (20amp relay with 14-16v coil).