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from the fundamental generation principles as stated for a d.c motor,d.c generator,induction motor it is seen that in any case there is one parameter which opposes the other and becoz of this we get power(mechanical,dc,ac).
What I mean to say is that behind a generation of any energy there are two parameters opposing each other which results in the generation of energy.
If this is sensible how can this be explained further,i'm thinking over it but i'm not finding an exact cause for the energy generation.


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I think parameters is the wrong concept. What we seem to be concerned about is the conversion of energy from one form to another. In this process the there is always some loss, that is the amount of energy out is always strictly less than the amount of energy in.

In an electric motor the process goes something like this.
Given an initial configuration of a permanent magnet and an electromagnet, we apply a current to the electromagnet. The electromagnet is attracted to the permanent magnet. This attraction creates a torque which brings the magnetic poles closer together and simultaneously reduces the torque between the two poles. This same mechanical rotation however brings about a new alignment between the permanent magnet and the electro magnet so that when the current is removed from the original pole and applied to the new pole there is another increment of torque. The lost energy goes into friction in the bearings and the DC resistance of the electromagnet coil.