Theory Of Electronic Product Protection

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    Does off shore products have extra protection curcuit
    useage. What happen after 20 years in U.S. is there
    reasons for extra protection. Are there any curcuits
    that can not be studied because of protection,is there
    enough formation to study theory on most new products
    from off shore. Without parts in hands or diagrams what
    is left pencil and paper surmising what is happening in
    side the chip. Are there laws in place to protect profits
    of popular products that have not peaked or no other
    product that has accomplish a market. Is there a nano
    bread board system on the market.

    What is the formula that is most popular for recent times
    for electronics,do we have a new person that can be
    named for something special,one man that has made an
    electronics differents alone or are companies taking the
    credit. Are we in a changed world with a person having
    no credit for anything in electronics,not talking about C.E.O.
    in charge with money.