Theory about AC - AC Converter

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Hi all from Greece. I have to design a system which has these specifications:

a) Input Voltage 220 Volts and 50 Hz

b) Output Voltage 117 Volts and 60 Hz

c) SPWM control

d) The RMS of the Input Voltage has + - 10% fluctuations (or variances).

I cannot use transformer.

Can you help me? Can you suggest me a good free site on Internet for studying this subject? Thank you.


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A transformer is the only safe way to do it and this thread will likely be closed by the moderators according to the TOS.


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An isolation transformer is required by the terms of this website but, you can't "bend" the frequency of the 50 HZ supply with a transformer. This will have to go through rectification to DC and that DC changed to 60 Hz, then through a transformer to get to 117 VAC, RMS.


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This thread is indeed on shaky ground. Let's assume you have a transformer somewhere (otherwise I or another moderator will have to close the thread). What is the 120VAC output current need to be?