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My homework is to build an elevator counter system with 4 bit counter.The problem is i dont know to design it.The question is a bit hard though (to me :p),maybe u all can help me out.I have make the design until the K map,and i stuck there.The question is as below:

This assignment is to design an elevator control system to monitor the elevator usage for the purpose of the passengers safety. This system should use sensors to detect the passengers while they enter and exit the elevator. The system also should keep track of the number of people in the elevator and produce alarm signals and stop elevators signals if the number of passengers is outside the allowed range.The systems should meet the following specifications:

-The maximum capacity of the elevator is 10 persons

-Normal Condition (0 < Passengers < 10)
If the number of passengers is between 1 and 0, in this case the system role is to just count the number of passengers and it does not generate any alerts, only generating a signal to switch on a green light to show that the elevator is in normal condition.

-Alerting Condition 1 – (Passengers > 10)
In case of the passengers number is larger than 10,the system should generate signals to :

·Switch on an alarm
·Switch on a red light [LED]
·Stop the elevator till the number of passengers becomes less than or equal to 10

-Alerting Condition 2 – (Passengers < 0)
In case the number of the passengers is less than 0, this means that there is something wrong in the system, either a system fault or unauthorized exits. The system should generate signals to :

·Switch on an alarm
·Switch on a red light [LED]
·Stop the elevator until a maintenance engineer fixes the elevator and resets the systems.
·Send a text message or call to the maintenance company.

a.The design of this systems should include :

Determining the required sensors, the sequential counter (based on J-K Flip Flops) and any required logic circuits. Show the details of the design starting by the state machine, transition table until sketching the circuit diagram.

b.Simulate the circuit design by using electronic schematic capture and simulation software such as Multisim

c.Build and test a functional prototype of your system using the components available on the Lab.

d.Demonstrate the circuit.



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Part of the conditions for this forum is that you demonstrate some work you have done. Then we may be able to help.

As is, you are simply asking us to do your work.