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Hey everyone,

I've come here looking for some advice... I've been working with microcontrollers for a while now (mainly the 8051F120 and its variants) and I've been doing a lot of graphic LCD work of late which has really been pushing the limits of what the little 8051 is capable of (driving a 320x240 24bit LCD screen at about 10fps is as fast I've been able to go).

The main projects I work on basically have a fair few mixed digital inputs/outputs, which (are starting to) have more and more elaborate LCD interfaces.

My question is: Which more powerful chip do I go to from here? I've found there's an absolute multitude of reasonably powered micros and FPGA's out there.

I've heard a lot of good things about the ARM Cortex A and R series chips... I just can't seem to find much info on their I/O ports, and of course a good number of I/O ports is essential to what I'm doing... Has anyone got any recommendations?


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I wouldn't worry too much about I/O. Some devices have LCD subsections. Stepping up to ARM will have you reviewing your development environment. I've been doing some work with the Keil RTOS, but am now investigating linux kernels with the intent on running embedded Labview, ultimately employing Android.