The purpose of the test and measurment subforum

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This is the test and measurement sub forum. Please read the purpose of this forum:

Test equipment selection, measurement techniques, best practices (ie. oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers, waveform generators, etc.)

That means the purpose of this forum is to discuss various test equipment. It is not to ask the limits of batteries, nor selecting resistors (unless building a test jig or test equipment), nor electo magnets...

It is about discussing various test equipment and their proper use. Please place other questions in the appropriate sub forum.

And it is not about complaints that people are not using the forum correctly. So it will be the last you hear from me on the issue. ;)
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Note: I have locked this thread and deleted a few argumentative posts. thinking about it I deleted all the other posts as off topic, and a distraction from the point the Thread starter made. Moderators are not the only ones who have ideas here (both good and bad). Moderators usually deal with the bad ideas, dealing with a good one is an exception.
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