The problem with the amplifier with TDA7294

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Petrus Armagedon

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Hello all!
I made amplifier with TDA7294 under this schematics (Figure 1-F). When you turn on this amplifier to power Ucc =+/-37V itself humming. When disconnection is powered by 1 to 2 seconds then stops playing well. Of its output is switched 80W speaker 8ohm. Please help to solve a problem ... why not amp to work?


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Some other possibilities are as follows:

  1. One or more of the components used to build the amplifier may be faulty.
  2. The power supply may have excessive ripple, causing hum.
  3. The power supply voltages may not be correct.
  4. Connections external to the amplifier may be incorrect, e.g. there may be a ground loop which goes away when the power is cut off.