the prediction of San Francisco Weather

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The only prediction one can make about San Francisco weather is that it’s unpredictable. While sources cite that typical temperatures range from 40 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, there are many sunny days throughout the year that top 80 degrees. The climate is classified as temperate marine.


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I lived in the bay area for 30 years and thought the weather was quite predictable. When I worked on the Embarcadero in Oakland, every morning I could predict "overcast with possible clearing in the afternoon". Worked like a charm. :p


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In Texas we have had 80°F days in January.

We have had 75°F days drop below freezing in less than 2 hours, many times with freezing rain.

We have had blizzards followed by 75°F within 24 hours.

I don't think I've ever heard of snow in July, though Europe has had this in the middle ages during the little Ice Age.

This is what I call inconsistent weather, I don't think San Fransisco qualifies. Generally any where near the ocean doesn't qualify, as the ocean moderates weather nicely.