The P-N junction: suggestion for clearer diagrams

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  1. Chris Lesiak

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    When I first looked at the diagrams of the positive and negative biased diode circuits, I was sure that the direction of electron and hole flow was incorrect. Then I realised that the labels show the flow in the semiconductor, not the wire. This might be obvious to some since there are no holes in the wire, but moving the labels so that they are above the diode would make this even more clear.
  2. Dave

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    Nov 17, 2003

    Thanks for the suggestion Chris, I can see what you mean. The diagram either wants, as you suggest, for the labels to be moved above the semiconductor, or have the wire part of the diagram lower so that the labels are closer to the underside of the semiconductor than they are to the wire (which is not the case at the minute)

    As you correctly state there are no holes in the wire so it is factually obvious what it means, however if it makes the diagram easier to understand then I am all for the suggestion.

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    The new images 03409 and 03410 are up at ibiblio. Though, the scripts to rebuild the html and pdf have not been run yet.