The one in the middle is the lawyer


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@ Kingspark, the cats remind me of new paper with a hot story
Once a story is pubic information depending on the type of story.
You got the head line for a deadline,the editorial staff,the public
Interest reporter. In other words you can see what the news does
to the public via opinion public record.Before release of the govt. Its
just a piece meat.I forgot the cartoonist and the follow up, Stay
out of the news. If Its in the paper Its public record,then the cats get it.

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This one is quite interesting - I understood the piano far better than I understood the humans in the video, as nein sprecken ze Deutch...
That's a hoot. Back in the 60's, I took a nuclear physics class and we had a multichannel analyzer from Nuclear Data that could output its data to a bar of solenoids like on that piano. We bolted the whole thing to the department secretary's IBM Selectric typewriter and the solenoids pressed the keys on the typewriter, delivering a page full of numbers. Of course, it was fascinating to watch.