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  1. maxpower097

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    Feb 20, 2009
    So what you guys think. You buy the usb dongle for you laptop for $50, or a wifi hotspot for $99. You then get 250mb of 4G sprint network data for free each month, or pay 9.99 and get 500mb, 19.99 = 1GB, 34.99 = 2GB, 49.99 = 4GB. I've been looking for a sole data connection with no phone forever but no one has it. All of them require a phone account, then you can add data. Since I only want data this is the only solution and a damn good one if you ask me. I only wish they supported GSM so I could just hook my phone straight up. But the way I see it I have wifi at my house. Then I get the hotspot and put it in my car. Bingo bango I have a data connection 98% of the time.
    THIS IS NOT AN APRIL FOOLS JOKE THEY HAVE BEEN PROMOTING IT FOR A MONTH OR TWO. I'm pretty much sold on it. What you guys think?
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    It's not for me, I like unlimited data. Get broadband monitor software and see how much you are using at the moment. Check the terms and conditions, how long is the contract, what happens if the dongle stops working, etc.
  3. Wendy


    Mar 24, 2008
    Unlimited Data is a disappearing contest in the USA. I think Sprint is the only company still offering it.

    Phone companies in the states tend to be sleazy. They can change the contract arbitrarily on their side, the consumer has very few rights (big money buys government, what else is new?). If they do change the contract you still have to pay large to get out of it. I use pay as you go, my monthly phone bill is $15, and I have never run out of minutes. There is one cheaper, but T-Mobile has zinged me too many times for me to trust them.

    People in other countries have no clue how bad it can get.
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    Apr 25, 2008
    Like all the the other stuff,it just come my way free. I can't help my self,

    It just comes my way. I just try to type and understand T06's method

    of understanding Loosewire. Loosewire unlimited.
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    Feb 20, 2009
    There really isn't unlimited data in the US anymore except sprint.
    ATT cuts you to a trickle at 2GB
    Tmo cuts you to pulses at 5GB
    Verizon cuts you at 3GB or 4GB
    So if you read your unlimited contract with your cell provider you'll see in fine print they reserve the right to cut your service after X amount of data as stated above, or even if you in the top 5% of data users in your area. Some people claim the slow down is so severe it takes 3-4 minutes to load a web page.
    Oh and remember 4G service you have to pay extra for. Its like $90 a month too. So it really blows away all other providers. That just came to me when I saw the compare prices and saw 1GB of 4G thru att was like $50. Then I remembered my cousin bought a netbook and phone thru sprint. For some reason it wouldn't connect to 4G only 3G. Thats when I saw the pricing for actual 4G service was crazy.
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    and thats only 3G not 4G. That you pay through the nose for.

    I don't watch more then about 10 min of youtube each month. About 2 hours web surfing, and then voip. I think my normal data usage on my phone was around 1GB-2GB when I was using it unlimited. I know I'm not gonna be watching movies and that crap. I only want it to check my email, google maps, check a website, etc... Just bs KB stuff.
  7. maxpower097

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    Feb 20, 2009
    No contract, you can upgrade your service anytime. Heck I could probably get by with the free version if I watched it. Only real drawback is its not for travelers. Its only 4G so coverage is only where sprints rolled out 4G. Which is all the major cities. But the highways are still 3g and edge.