The History of Wireless Transmission

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  1. junglelord

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    Feb 4, 2010
    This will be a thread about the History of both Wireless Information and Wireless Energy.
    Here is a copy of a paper called the "full" history of wireless....
    funny no Tesla so its no where near complete!
    Still dispite that fact, it has good information, but a little retarted to have no Tesla!

    Since this story is critical to understanding wireless tranmission variablities, lets take it one step at a time.
    As it is with any event in history, invention of a process is seldom the responsibility of only one singular person. Radio, as we know it, has been attributed to Guglimo Marconi, however his success was built upon the works of Hertz, Lodge and Branley, and Tesla.

    Let us now take a trip back into history, Let’s even go back before Marconi was a twinkle in his parent’s eye!
    The first transmission of electricity was due to electrostatic impulse.
    This happened in 1860 by a man named Mahlon Loomis

    The Early Days
    Mahlon Loomis was born July 21, 1826, in Oppenhiem New York, into the family of Professor Nathan Loomis and Waitie Loomis. He was the fourth of nine children.

    Not a lot of details are available about Mahlon Loomis’ early life. This is unfortunate because it is often interesting to see how a young inventive mind grows. We do, however, know that he was surrounded by educated minds, as his father was a founder of the AMERICAN EPHEMERIS and NATIONAL ALMANAC. In addition to this, his older brother George, was an inventor and holder of several patents himself.

    In 1836, Mahlon’s family moved to Springvale, Virginia. In September of 1848, Mahlon went to Cleveland, Ohio to partake in the study of dentistry. In 1850, he returned to Springvale to continue his dental work.

    For several years Mahlon spent time as a traveling dentist. During this time he went to Earlville, New York, Cambridgeport Massachusetts and Philadelphia. During this practice in Massachusetts he received a patent for a mineral plate (Kaolin ) process for the making of artificial teeth.

    In November of 1856, Loomis and his bride of only a few months, Achsah Ashley, settled in Washington D.C. to set up a dentistry practice.

    But this is where our story really starts...the history of wireless transmission of electricity.
    It begins with electrostatic impulse induction based on two kites made of copper mesh, with copper lines, one attatched to a galvinmeter and then to ground, the second one is touched to ground to send a signal....volia electrostatic impulse induction. Very good distances too, over 12 miles!

    This type of transmission is termed Single Energy, as it only used Electrostatic Impulse Induction, nothing else.
    A look at Wiki is also useful for some interesting items that relate to the wireless transmission of energy vs information. The flat spiral inductor. A simple device that fasinates me.
  2. junglelord

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    Feb 4, 2010
    So to recap in 1860 Loomis made the discovery that wireless transmission of electrostatic impulses would work over many miles. This is called Single Energy transmission. The Telegraph method of wireless was born. The dielectric field was being manipulated by electrostatic impulses.
    Then Edison conceived a Telegraph Magnetic Induction method for trains, that had wires that followed the railroad and inside the train was another magnetic tuned antenna. This worked but was very limited in distance.
    Again this is a form of Single Energy transmission. The magnetic field was being manipulated via magnetic impulses which in turn created electric currents in a conductor.
    Or did he, there is a man by the name of Mr Granville Woods who made the Magnetic Inductance method first, but lost in court to Edison....sound familiar? Edison was rich and vindictive and jealous of others like Woods and Tesla.
    This was the second form of wireless transmission and was implemented for use on trains and ships due to the limited distance and effeciency. It was based on a changing magnetic field, a theory that Faraday discovered.
    So far we have proof of two independent forms of wireless transmission of energy.
    One is very functional and works with simple copper kites over many miles via Electrostatic Impulse technology the other is functional Magnetic Inductance but is not viable over long distance.
    Both worked, both are different. So we have learned that Inductance is a resonant process common to different fields and the effects can be worked with independently. It requires in both of these instances changes in field strength (impulses) to create the wireless inductive field effect
  3. junglelord

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    Feb 4, 2010
    In 1880 Hertz experimented in the UHF and VHF with a half wave closed loop wire with a capacitor in series and found that another half wave loop would recieve the discharges. It was not effective over large distances but it did reveal a closed loop method of wave propagation vs the single wire method of Loomus.

    But here the story takes the major turn and the collapse of the miracle, as almost no one understands this information and can demonstrate the method of wireless wave propagation that was discovered by Tesla.

    Eric Dollard on Tesla Longitudinal Electricity Wireless Transmission.
    Eric Dollard on Tesla Transverse and Longitudinal Wireless Transmission.

    This situation changes the commonly taught history of Wireless Communication and Wireless Power Transmission.
    The expertise of Tesla was that he understood charge geometry and built up many practical coil designs, the one interesting design is a flat spiral made with copper ribbon, not copper tubing. This Electrostatic design with a spark gap of very high frequency was able to create a series of on/off (Impulse) stresses in the Dielectric Field and took advantage of the incredible charge created with rapid on/off voltage hills and valleys within the spiral design.

    This was only part of the circuit design. With just this design he could transmitt wireless communication.
    It was from this patent that Marconi stole the idea of Tesla and completed his goal of wireless communication.
    He changed the impedance of the circuit, switched out the flat spiral coil design for a flattop anttena and for a while anyway, circumvented the Tesla patent. The Marconi design did transmitt wireless communication with EM waves but also, due to the Tesla Design he stole which included a solid ground, also sent longitudinal waves through the earth, but Marconi himself, never knew that or considered that part of the transmission. It was Eric Dollard that pointed that out about the Marconi towers and their full properties. RCA however did know it.

    In 1913 RCA took over wireless regulations and equipment.
    They actually shut down the Marconi transmission towers in 1919.
    They also had Tesla formulate the system now in use of two flat top antenna in secret for them.
    The fact that wireless radio went to Marconi was because Tesla was on to something he had discovered in New York.
    He went to Colorado to test his new discovery. His discovery was that he had a longitudinal propagation via the earth with the design Marconi stole. He conceived of a three coil impulse magnifier design, which would make a direct connection to this incredible power...he called it Individualization. He had a AC circuit running over the second spiral coil and with careful experimentation was able to create a 2nd order Fundamental via harmonic resonance b/t the first spiral coil which was fully Electrostatic and the second which was driven with transverse current creating a third propagation phenomenon of Magneto-Dielectric longitudinal waves through the earth.

    When he did not ground the device he could transmitt power via a DC Beam Wave from the terminals.
    When he made ground (deep ground-massive ground) on the Impulse Magnifier, he sent Magneto-Dielectric longitudinal power via the earth. The Impulse Magnifier worked in two modes.

    I suggest that wireless transmission and the history there-of shows several items of interest.

    1. The concept of four kinds of Fields of Electric Phenomenon
    Electrostatic, Magnetic, EM, Magneto-Dielectric.
    2.The concept of four kinds of current
    Transverse : AC/DC
    Longitudinal : Electrostatic Impulse, Magneto-Dielectric Oscillation

    The proof of a Aether seems to be at hand with new Interferometer results.
    Since the Magneto-Dielectric field, is the proper explanation of the aether, we would expect to consider this as evidence that Dollard's explanation of wireless transmission is valid. Of course this also supports the evidence of quantum constant analysis via Aether Physics Model. The APM model builds the UFT via the constants themself...that in and of its self makes total sense. We ovbiously have a UFT as we live in it....and we have all the measurements...we just need to arrange them via the quantum fundamental building blocks and then the picture comes together proper. With modern SI measurements, joules and kilograms are not fundamental, spin and electron mass, that is fundamental. Its that simple. Take the quantum constants, and with simple algebra the picture comes out as a UFT. Which of course it should and with those simple bragging rights, Tesla and Aether should become understood as valid, important, and not mad ideas.
    In the end Tesla observed a lightnting storm and measured Electrostatic Impulse's from that storm.

    Over time as the storm moved away the Impulses became lower and lower till they disappeared. Then something magical happened! As the storm still continued to moved east, the ES Impulses returned to a full peak and then returned back to zero....then it did it again, and again, and again, and Tesla realized the Earth was no different then a Hollow Copper Sphere and that Longitudinal waves/Standing waves, were created at fundamental harmonics based on spatial relationships of Electrostatic Impulses of significant strength. All he had to do was put Impulse Magnifiers at specific locations and all the receiving towers at the corresponding Standing Wave locations. One lightning strike will make standing waves across the globe at harmonic nodes based on the original electrostatic impulse location. How freaking mad indeed!

    With Eric Dollards information that "conductors" are really electric "reflectors" and that electrons do not move down the middle of a copper wire and that the dielectric field that is not properly taught or even considered anymore, reveals that "insulators" are really the true conductors and the dielectric field is what is missing in electric phenomenon knowledge. With this picture in mind, again everything is 180 degrees opposite of what they teach, it is easy to see why the Earth is a capacitor. If the conductor is really a reflector and the insulator is the conductor, no wonder the fair weather current exists via the fair weather circuit and that millions of volts exists between the ionosphere and the earth. You guys get the mental switch and the ovbious results?
  4. junglelord

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    Feb 4, 2010
    I will continue and it is good to revisit history, for in it are the gems of the truths they hide from us.

    Consider this Magneo-Dielectric domain.

    A google response finds this as the first hit for this search
    "magneto-dielectrics in electromagnetics concept and applications"

    Guess what, Magneto-Dielectric antenna's are where its at....and now you know why!

    How about this one
    Is any of this kicking in?
    Magneto-Dielectric domains influence RF antennas.
    So wireless mumbojumbo from Dollard is true!
  5. junglelord

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    Feb 4, 2010
    Tesla's Contribution to RF Wireless Tranmission

    A good site with infomation and patents and patent schematics from Nikola Tesla on Wireless Transmission

    A recent symposium on Wireless Tansmission of Energy via Microwaves.

    I wonder if HAARP is powersouce for wireless transmission of electrical power?

    William C. Brown, is a true pioneer in microwave technology's distinguished career.htm
    Wireless Energy Transfer History

    Wireless Transmission: A Century of Power Politics Tussles Over "Free" Energy's Price Tag
  6. junglelord

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    Feb 4, 2010
    I was reading a 1960 book on electronics, the section on wireless and antenna's.
    They had good stuff on Marconi vs Tesla.
    However Eric Dollards work, Marconi's version of Tesla' patents, and even the Hertz antenna, left me thinking, about the real truth of wireless I checked youtube and found this video from Meyl on what is taught and what is going on in the space between antennas and why each antenna has noise!
    Noise, plasma waves, photons, neutrino radation, all are scalar.
    Scalar waves and EM waves, the far field and the near field.

    There are even more recent theories about wireless energie transmissions existing nowadays.
    There is a german professor Konstintine Meyl, in Europe, promoting his theories about scalar waves.
    He even has experimental demonstrations to show us.

    and dont forget his theories ofcourse

    his books;

    I started my very first thread at the Electric Universe forum on Dec 1-06 with a thread on Meyl and Scalar waves
    infact I have quoted many pages of his book on that thread, its a good read.
  7. junglelord

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    Feb 4, 2010
    Interesting enough, in the book I am using from the 1960's for electronics, with better information on transmission then my text books from 1982, they show a capacitor with the same scalar fields being emitted, as Meyl shows being emitted from radio towers and actually my text book uses the capacitor field lines to explain the antenna field lines, so Meyl makes a good point in his video and my book makes it clear that we are back to dielectric fields by using the capacitor anology!
    The field lines speak the picture and its not em, its scalar.

    The near field effects of a far field scalar are that it breaks down into em.
    So using a em reciever, does mean it was sent em...this alone is a simple mystery solved.

    Which goes along way in explaining how Tesla was correct that only scalar waves travel the vacuum
  8. junglelord

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    Feb 4, 2010
    Here is Miles Mathis position on the difference or equality of transverse or longitudinal (scalar) EM waves:
    Miles Mathis is one of the people I am being tutored by as well as Dave Thomson of the Aether Physics Model

    So I take physics to the next level and investigate what they refuse to teach us at school.
    The history of wireless transmission and the work by Eric Dollard to keep the truth alive is what this thread is all about. If you love Tesla and wireless, then may this thread open your eyes to the truth of wireless transmission.

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