The future of computing, and what is the latest and greatest currently with computers

What is your opinion about the latest models of current models of computers?

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Quantum computing isn't the same model. It's quite different from regular computers. For example, an information unit can be in both 0 and 1 states at the same moment. It's not just a faster regular computer, it's a different beast. That's why it has great potential in fields like cryptography.


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I think the more you try to miniaturize, the most problems you will have related to heating. Todays processors work at extremely low voltages of about 0.7V to 1V. That is only possible with CMOS, but even though, the lower voltage limit is being reached. Million of transistors side by side, separated by nanometers of non conductive material in between will be biased in conjunction by a big current. Imagine the power dissipated to produce a low power output. The power is virtually wasted in processing. The output per se will have only a small share of that power.

The thing is that the new chips don't last as much as the old ones. In average, a computer only lasts 5 years without a serious malfunction where older models from the 90's would last more than 10. I had a 200MMX that never broke down. It no longer served only because it was too slow. I have my reserves about miniaturization.