The dimming (semi-?)automatic LED's

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I need some help with a project that I want to do. I have searched the net and the world for the infomation to get this to work, even been looking on microprosessors and so on, but i realy need help for this.
Im not that good in electronics, but know some and i want to learn more :)

Now, my project:
I want to create a number of series of LED's that are dimming automatic up and down slowly. and ofc diffrent dimmed level on the series so not all the series of ligths dim up and down with the same level if you understand.

Thats easy enuf. But here is the hard part. I want a little "control panel" where i can push a button to make all of the LED series fade up or down from the current dimmed level. phew! and to make it even more crazy, i want 2 modes on the dimming led series. one full dimming mode where the leds go from 0 to 100% and the other mode is low light mode where they go from 0 to 10 or something.

Can anyone help me make it.

Have looked on something called Arduino ( But not sure i can use that.. or i can i think, but the output power from it is only enuf to 1 led or something. want more like about 20 leds per serie, and maybe 5 series.

Many thanks to all help :)


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Use a microcontroller that supports PWM (pulse width modulation), such as the numerous AVRs out there (Atmel gives a free assembler/simulator if you want to try it before you buy it). You'll have to learn Assembly or C, but once you get down the basics it's pretty easy to do, you simply place the PWM output to the base of a transistor in series with the LEDs and the transistor will dim the LEDs to whatever brightness you wish.