The common-base amplifier voltage in picture not the same as in pspice simulation


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in the page "The common-base amplifier" the picture "Common-base circuit for SPICE AC analysis." shows an AC voltage of 0.12V, the text shows a source of 0.10V

The picture you refer to is the transient analysis, with 0.12V
The transient analysis SPICE list is to the right of the SPICE waveform plot also with vin 5 2 sin (0 0.12 2000 0)

The SPICE listing which you refer to with vin 5 2 ac 0.1 sin is a different AC SPICE analysis example further down the page. The 0.1V is also used in the Av gain calculations which follow the SPICE list.

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It looks OK as it is. However, thanks for looking for errors. This is the only way we get all of them out of the volumes.