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    Right after receiving orders digital scales style of Engineering Enterprise, Workplace automation and robotics, Institute of Mechanics and Applied Informatics has studied two varieties of digital scales are Digital load cell sensor (DLC) and weight Digital sensor junction box (sensor in a single place).

    Considering the disadvantages of DLC (no equivalent replacement goods), the team has selected technology "digital junction box" to become able to use synthetic components of numerous vendors. From the weight sensors are analog formats in common use, the team has integrated numerous components for example amplifiers and signal converters ... to type the sensor digital scales.

    The far more integrated part of this board be placed inside a separate, external, recognized as circuit "digital junction box", enabling sensor digital weight from the junction box when the transmission of digital pc software package will likely be treated purpose for the weight calculations on a pc display

    In 2008, Institute of Mechanics and Applied Informatics has created and installed two total automobile weight 100 and 150 tons, measuring four.5 meters x 21m scales, ten and 13 respectively employing DLC (Truck scale typically from 60 to 80 tonnes, 3m x 18m floor size, number of sensors is only about 8 units).

    From the designs from the renowned planet, the project team has chosen the design weight of its technologies Pfister Waagen (Germany).

    Along with quite a few elements integrated amplification and signal to switch "to life" the weight sensor analog sensor weight into digital type, the style team has also actively worked the detail right products in the mechanical workshop in the country. Floors ought to be cast in reinforced concrete and are linked together by the joints soft, good load bearing capacity

    The mechanical parts for example couplings, anti-vibration devices within the four corners area weight-bearing bone shape the scales ... getting machined on CNC machines to ensure the precise cost a lot more.

    The computer software displays info from the sensors is transmitted to by the Institute of Mechanics and Applied Informatics writing, saving the price of getting electronic indicator, foreign software and nevertheless have full functionality of a handling and display balance data: collection, processing, evaluation, read the data ...

    Furthermore, the software package also enables storage of information loss, security isn't able to fix the code weight, automobile temperature compensation, Vietnamese interface and extremely simple to use ..

    Council assessment test, the floor was actively generating weight, specially weight software program completely integrated function in the collection, processing and display of data loss is a step within the processing generate industrial digital weight Vietnam, contributing to limit the import of foreign equipment, active inside the processing, manufacture of elements to ensure safety, accuracy and lower cost items worth mentioned.

    Therefore, the next aim in the investigation team also because the specifications in the DOST would be to continue the investigation and manufacture of sensor weight with high accuracy, great quality, competitive value, meeting need to have for widespread use inside the country.

    In certain, weight KTS with integrated temperature sensor in each and every in the weight sensor, capable of temperature compensation error when the weather changes, modifications, replacement straightforward and economical compared with analog , there is certainly lightning, which operate in all weather circumstances. Prices of digital weight of 80 tons out there about 200 million.
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    While this post doesn't consist spam, it is borderline rational and constructive. The OP is suggested to avoid questionable posts in an internet forum.
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    I'd have guessed it was spam, with the aim of getting higher search rankings for "Ins___te of Mec__ics and Ap___d Info___atics" with regard to some keywords.
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    It sure does seem written with SEO in mind.
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    And he will keep us guessing who and why....
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    Hey, I pointed it out but Geo didn't agree with me. Mod conquers all. No argument from me.
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    I was the one who released it, after a short discussion with the other mods. Basically it is not spam, but seems to be heading in that direction. I moved it from it's original spot in the science forum. I also PM'ed the OP.

    We are waiting to see if the author continues, and manages to cross the line. If they do they will abruptly disappear.

    We had another spammer start two accounts tonight just so he could talk to himself. I nailed him at the beginning of his run.

    These guys do get lucky, but overall this site is very well monitored. I suspect when this OP thinks no one is watching he will have another go, and be surprised how fast he is nailed.
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    Thanks for explaining. While that post is borderline irrational and not at all what we expect here, The Mods are on the lookout.

    Thank you.