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here's what I did I built a hydrogen generator
I hooked it up to 120v ac a dimmer switch and a full wave rectifier , At no load the voltage was 106 volts DC when I turned up the dimmer slowly I got Great results at about 5 amp load and better as It went up but I was happy with 5 amp load

now what I'd like to do is going from the alternator of a car to a inverter which i have so It changes from 12 v dc to 120 v ac then thru a recrifier which will give me 106 volts dc but I prob won't have the amperage I want

my inverter Is A 800 watt inverter


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800W at 14V is 57 Amperes, and 6.66 Amperes at 120V (the current of the beast! :eek:) if it's 100% efficient, which I will guarantee that it is not. 84% efficient is within the realm of realism, which would be 5.6A output for 57A input.

Your vehicle's electrical system will need a rather hefty upgrade, unless you enjoy driving around with no headlights, radio, heater, and a dead battery.