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    Jun 12, 2010
    sorry i have long time do not visit forum but i hope every member fine
    i want to thank u (retched) 4 last comment that u mention some links to which it useful in my project
    but am still have small proplem in measure harmonic that proplem in
    how i know the equation of any signal which i need to analyiz it by fourier series
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    Well, your welcome for any help I helped you get. ;)

    As for your equation problem, Are you trying to using fourier transform to measure harmonics? At least thats what Im getting from the post.

    If you need the Fourier series for "all" waves it may be a problem, but you can use particular equations for different wave types (square, saw, triange).

    There is a good list of the different equations using many types, start here:
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    Jun 12, 2010
    thanks 4 u
    but if u mention in equation
    [​IMG]for example to get fundamental harmonic u need to now f(x) exactly u need
    1- amplitude , 2- phase angle this 4 sinusoidal wave
    the quation is how i get it ????????????????????????/