THANKS! (and a Few Incorrect Diagrams...)

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Thanks a lot for your helpful site! I just began working in the T & D department of a municipal utility and have just completed the first ("DC") volume of your online textbook. As a one-time "projecteer", some of this was review for me, but I've already learned many things that offer background into what goes on here and am looking forward to the volume on "AC" - where things will really begin to hit close to home!

By way of further thanks, I thought I'd offer this feedback on an almost-flawless presentation (just in case no one else has told you).

Chapter 13, Lesson 4, "Series and Parallel Capacitors": the last diagram ("10232.png") is incorrect.

Chapter 14, Lesson 3, "Magnetic Units of Measurement": the first diagram ("10233.png") is incorrect.

Chapter 16, Lesson 4, "Voltage and Current Calculations": the second diagram ("10241.png") is incorrect.

All three of these diagrams are correct in your PDF of this volume.

Thanks again!