Textile Synthesizer Prototype Complete

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    Jan 13, 2008
    Hey I finally got to the prototype stage with a project that I've been asking a lot of questions about here. It is basically a textile sewn with conductive thread. These threads are hooked up to Touch Sensors (made from darlington pairs) and then fed through an LDR to operate different oscillators. In this case a TL082 Square/Triangle and an HC414 Square going through a Sine-Wave shaper. I then jammed everything into an old box I had (which was the hardest part). After soldering a few things didn't work as they did on the breadboard. Mainly the sine-wave shaping circuit, so I might take that apart and try to fix it, but I think in the future I will use a different box altogether to generate the sound.

    Here's the youtube link for your enjoyment (note my HD camera traded HD for terrible audio so bear with the sound):


    Oh yeah, thanks a lot to all the die hard electronickers on here that put up with the basic questions that I continually have. Without them nothing would ever get done. I probably couldn't even light an LED.
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