testing a CSU/DSU

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    Jul 29, 2010
    i was given a pair of old D-link CSU/DSUs. i have no idea if they work or not. i tried to get in via console port using null modem cable, but wouldn't conect. saw something about these use partial handshake null modem, what ever that means not sure if thats the isue or not. also has 2 odd jacks a 15 pin and 25 pin Dsub. the 15 pin conection on one had a adaptor labeled T1 and a jack like a rj45 it apeared. is there a way i can just link pins with wire between these and do a loopback test? if so any ideas of how.
    like to know if they work, if they do they could be worth maybey keeping i think since t1 t3 are still around kind of. or are these prety much useless now?