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I have a subject and I seek who can just help me with information or an idea. I have a tester who makes the test of state of a regulator of alternator of car, that is to say good or bad. and that is done by following operation: the tester supplies the regulator by a tension of 12v or 24v or 32v according to the type of regulator then it receives information according to this last. and this information in the form of tension must be measured by this tester and be posted on the bill-poster. (if 14v it is good so different they is bad). me that I seek to realize is to be made this tester programmable who receives all information from the regulator and to post it on a bill-poster who can post texts. for example (good regulator or bad regulator). me that I seek here is to know which is the component one which can make this tester programmable and which is the type of bill-poster to be used.
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First, select what type of microprocessor you wish to use. In your case, one with a pair of ADCs on-board might be desirable. Once you've chosen an MCU, look for a display which will work with your chosen microprocessor.