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Hey everyone,
I am correcting my electronics test and I had a couple of questions that i cannot find, and I am need of some help.
What is one word to describe "potential difference"?
What is one word to describe "electomotive force"?
What is another name for a condenser?
What are you calculating with this formula and how do I find K? C=(KA)/t?
What are you calculating with this formula and what is C and what is Q? Q=CE?

Any help would be great. Thanks guys


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voltage can used as a term for potential difference.
similarly voltage can be used for electromotive force (emf)
condenser(electrical) is the old and obsolete terminology for capacitors.
C=K.A/t :- formula to calculate capacitance of capacitor
c= capacitance.
k= dielectric constant for the material in the gap (general notation)or relative permittivity with respect to vacuum
t= gap between the plates or parallel cyllinders of capacitor.
actually the formula is c=eA/t
here e is the actual permittivity and is equal to e(0).K
where e(0) is permittivity of vacuum.
so k=e/e(0)
here Q is the charge stored in the capacitor plates.
c is again the capacitance
E is the voltage developed across the capacitor.

were these the answers you were looking for.

for more info try googling some keywords from above
or post if u have any doubts.