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    We have a project to recreate a small-scale model of an actual Tesla coil. A Single coil which self-resonates, not a Two coil transformer which most people mistakenly call a "tesla coil". We have acquired a coil from a local equipment manufacturer, but our problem is that the coil resonates at 17MHz.

    What we need: we need to build (if possible) an "astable flip-flop" circuit that can control the master transistor from our power supply and make it ping the square-wave at 17.000MHz, 8.500MHz, or 4.250MHz.

    My Questions:

    1) Is it possible to make a flip-flop circuit to work at these frequencies?
    2) What capacitor and resistor ratings are we going to need. I don't fully understand the math behind it. Our research has not gotten us far for calculating what the capacitor/resistor relationship is, mathematically speaking, so that we can get the right parts.
    3) Where can I get these parts?

    We are building this for the college we are attending, and have run up against a wall.

    For answers, please reply to my e-mail: Deleted by moderator
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    Thank you for your interest in AAC.

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