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so im planning on building a SGTC. so far i have the NST (15kv 30ma) and the wire for the coil. i have about 1100-1200Feet of 22 or 24 g wire. i am wondering what a good secondary dimension would be?(hight/diameter)? im the kinda guy that cant really follow plans, because i try to build things with just what i have laying around and finding ways to make everything fit together. im using the circuit in the attachment. also, does anyone have a schem for a line filter to protect my house wiring from high frequency? thank you!



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The secondary is kind of a trial and error thing. There are ways to calculate it, but those are only based on perfect-world equations that are not exact in real life. You can find a lot of good information and equations here.
You also need to be very careful with Tesla coils. The tank circuit uses and stores deadly voltage and current, and every possible safety precaution MUST be observed. Also, do not touch the output of the tesla coil. This may seem like common sense, but some people say that it can't hurt you because of high frequency. This is not true. It can cause severe RF burns and, if you're near a power cord, it can jump over and connect you to deadly household current. Please, be very careful when working with this kind of project.
I wish you the best of luck.
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Tesla didn't seem to think they were very dangerous...

Just joking! Please don't go trying this, this picture was an early 'photoshop'.:rolleyes: