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    Jun 20, 2013
    A User needs your help for building a dataloger and to solve the problem that is measuring temperature.You choose to use sensor LM35 which is connected to a certain pin of your micro-controller.
    Because your micro-controller doesnot have enough memory to store the temperature,you choose to send the temperature readings to a computer using the RS232 port.This means that you will use the UART controller of your microcontroller to send data to the computer.
    Also to inform the user that the datalogger is working,you have choosen to add an LED named live LED that would blink continously when the datalogger is on.

    Design the electronic circuit of that datalogger using proteus,so that it can be simulted using EASYPICv7 board.

    Design a software using CCS-RTOS to animate your circuit.Your software should have 3 tasks.

    A) task_live runs every 200ms and flashes a LED connected to a part choosen by you,of the microcontroller to indicate that the system is working

    B)task_get_temperature:REad analogue channel of A\D converter choosen by you.Where the temperature to be measured is present in form of a voltage.The read value is formatted and shared in a variable.This task runs every 2 seconds
    C) task_3:to_RS232:Read the formatted voltage and send it over the 232 line to a pc every second.
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    Hmm.....:confused: This looks more like a work order than a request for help. And I never do anything with a work order. Unless I have a signed contract. If you want some help be more specific and show what you have done so far. We will not just serve a a turn-key ready solution on a silver plate
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    Just posting YOUR homework and expecting others to work it for you so that you can turn it in claiming it is YOUR solution does not go over very well here.

    You need to show YOUR best effort to at least start on a solution of YOUR homework,
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    try posting some diagrams that you have worked with..you will get good advices from people here..as WBahn said, it doesn't go over very well here on tasks that you expect people will answer here thoroughly..

    show the people the task you have worked into, and they will see at least the effort you made.. you'll get good feedbacks on your problem...