Temperature coefficient of resistance

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The formula for temperature coefficient of resistance is
\(\alpha\) = ΔR/R0 ΔT
where R is R - R0, where R0 is the resistance at reference temperature usually at 0°C or 20°C.
ΔT is T - T0, again T is 0° or 20°C
when written explicitly we get
\(\alpha\) = (R - R0)/R0 (T - T0)
But while measuring temperature coefficient of resistance of the material of the coil, in metre bridge experiment,
we use the relation \(\alpha\) = R2 - R1/(R1t2 -R2t1).
How R1 and R2 comes in this relation, whereas in the original formula there is only R0.



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It appears that you are using equations from two different sources.
Just substitute R = R2, R0 = R1. Also T = t2, T0 = t1.