tell some some good buffers ic name

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dark dagno

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i want to control an unknown circuit (that is i dont know that circuit produces ac or dc and aslo i dont know its the voltage or current ratings)

but i want to control that circuit so that i need a buffer when the control ip is high that should pass the signal (may be dc or ac) output of the buffer and hence i have my control on the output of the circuit

plz tell me such an buffer ic it should access on both ac and dc input...


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For that vague a requirement, about the only device that will be so flexible is a relay. We can't be more specific without a good idea of current and voltage or the control signal.


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For your willingness to go boldly into the unknown, I nominate thee for a Darwin award upon the successful completion of the requirements.


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With the specification given: "unknown voltage and current" the only safe option is one of the gigantic contactors used in power grid distribution. I don't think any of those come on a chip.


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lol, SMD contactors.

Just throw a PTC resettable fuse on the output of a driver rated for a few amps. I am assuming you are dealing with safe voltages, nothing in the LV range (>50DC)