tell me is practically possible

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dark dagno

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actually my aim to transmit a power signal and thus the Receiver must receive a signal in the in the following range
voltage= (6-9)v
ampere = (3-12)mV
without amplifying the signal
plz reply.....


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Power diminishes in proportion to the square of the distance. You ask for 18 to 108 mW power to your receiver. What is your transmitter power output?


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From a PM:
dark dagno said:
actually i planed to desing a power signal in the range i said

for that i am slecting a sutuable frequecy

i just want to know is bluetooth frequency has capacity to transmitt that range ofr not
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Transmitting power on the Bluetooth frequencies would jam nearby Bluetooth applications, would it not? This would be inconvenient at the least, and would be illegal in many nations.