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    3. The company needs to improve grade of service from one call lost in 50 to B=0.001. How many trunks should be added under condition that effectively 30 simultaneous continuous calls should be provided during any 2 hours of the day? Answer: 1 Erlang is in other words, one continuous call for 1 hour. 30 Erlangs will then be 30 continuous calls in 1 hour. For 2 hours it will be 2 * 30 = 60 calls. From the traffic capacity table, 60 Erlang for a traffic rate of 1 call lost in 1000 is 33 and 21 Erlangs for 1 call lost in every 50. 33-21 = 12 Erlang Is this correct? 2.For a telephone system without a buffer describe relation between system capacity and acceptable traffic load under the condition of a fixed quality of service (e.g. 1 call lost in 10000). Information Theory 3. Given the transition probabilities P(X|Y) that characterise a discrete memoryless channel without feedback, what is the definition of information channel capacity?
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    This appers to be duplicated in better format .
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