TDA7000 enquiry

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Hello all,
This is my first time posting here and I need serious help. I am trying to make an FM radio using TDA7000 and interfacing it with PIC16F887 and an LCD. PIC part will be used to tune the tda7000 using a digital potentiometer (MCP41010) and a varicap diode. I have been able to get the radio working using a mechanical potentiometer and the varicap diode. Programming the PIC to tuning the radio and also display the frequency of the tuned stations is the problem. I need help and advice. I'm not so good in programming PIC and i'm going through some examples and also reading some books. I will be grateful if urgent help comes my way because I'm behind schedule in completing this final project. Thanks a lot.


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The TDA7000 "radio" IC has not been made for about 10 years and is obsolete. It had horrible performance.
Today you can buy a complete "radio" with a battery, earphones and a light for only $1.00 at The Dollar Store that uses a newer IC the TDA7088. Its performance is also horrible.